Keto meringues (2 dozen) colourful mix

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2 dozen  Keto meringues, colourful mix, colours will vary.

Great for anyone following a KETO LIFESTYLE. Sugar free treats that are sure to please that sweet tooth craving. Naturally gluten free sweets treats.

Gift wrapping available

 2 dozen Delectable, sweet, crunchy, homemade meringues that are light as air and melt in your mouth. A low fat sweet treat to give as a gift or just for yourself. These homemade meringues are the best guilt free dessert or treat. They are just sweet enough to satisfy your sweet tooth. Available in a bunch of colours or pure simple white. Makes a great gift for that keto person in your life.


Servings: 48

 Calories: 1 per serving

 Total Fat 0g  

Saturated Fat 0g 

Cholesterol 0mg  

Sodium 14mg  

Total Carbohydrate 0.1g  

Dietary Fiber 0g  

Total Sugars 0g 

Protein 0.2g