Saturday October 17, 2015 ....Wedding Time!

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Leading up to Saturday October 17th was a very busy time for me. I baked 10 dozen cupcakes and created a beautiful ruffled fondant cake for a very special bride and her groom. The cake was time consuming to make, but the end result was worth it. At the venue, when all was in place, it looked very nice. Their guests had an assortment of cupcakes to choose from and a frilly wedding cake to enjoy. The interior of the cake was 2 layers of decadent chocolate and 2 layers of white velvet cake, separated by creamy white buttercream.

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  • I was at that wedding and the towering ruffled fondant cake with the sprawling cupcakes was truly a piece of art! We were all so impressed with the freshness and diverse flavours in those cute, generously sized cupcakes. Bravo 23sweets!

    Aunt Gail on

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