About Us

Welcome to 23sweets! 

I have always enjoyed baking for friends and family, and am happiest when baking large quantities of delicious goodies. I have worked in the catering business, and was a vendor at a local farmers' market for several years. This allowed me to gain the confidence in producing quality products and offer great customer service.

I offer a wide array of baked goods. With a real love of baking and a determination to create the best possible product, I strive to make baked goods with good texture and exceptional flavour. I love to test recipes and adjust them until I get the desired results. Real old fashioned, homemade flavour combined with quality ingredients, results in a superior product that my customers appreciate. Always scratch made...never from a box.


23sweets is very proud to offer KETO PRODUCTS, for our clients who prefer a low carb option when they crave a treat or sweet. We offer many Keto lifestyle products that are double duty as gluten free and great for those who are diabetic. Sugar free and gluten free these products allow you to have a treat without the guilt of higher carb items.

Located in the National Capital Region (Ottawa, Canada), I am happy to serve our local residents with whatever baked treats they need. Whether you are having a small get together, planning a big event or wedding, I will be pleased to create delicious treats for you and your guests. Cupcake towers and bouquets, Wedding favours, bonbonnieres, and treat bags are other options that are available. Always fresh and homemade, with tried and tested recipes. I can also create beautiful gift baskets, filled with tasty baked goods and assorted goodies.

I love to bake a wide variety of appetizing treats, so feel free to make special requests for baked goods like pies, cookies, shortbread, meringues, biscotti, fruitcakes, tourtieres, brownies, squares, rum babas, tiramisu, cinnamon buns, rolls, bread loaves, quick breads, keto products and lots more! We have expanded our product line to include stationery products for wedding, parties and events, so check out our latest items on 23sweets on Etsy. Clients that are a little farther away can benefit from our shipping options, so they too can enjoy our sweet treats. Visit 23sweets on Etsy by clicking on the Etsy banner of our home page.

If you need customized favour tags and other personalized stationery, just contact me or see my Etsy shop by clicking on the Etsy banner on the 23sweets homepage. We are always pleased to produce something special for our clients specific needs.

If you have any questions, or special requests please contact us at: info23sweets@gmail.com