EDIBLE wafer paper BLUE BIRDS 12 pieces, various sizes, wafer paper, cake, cake pops cake decoration, cupcake toppers

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EDIBLE wafer paper BLUE BIRDS 12 pieces, various sizes, wafer paper, cake, cake pops  cake decoration, cupcake toppers

fits on 3 inch cookies

12 edible BLUE BIRDS motif edible toppers

you can cut and place on your cakes or cookies,

Ready to apply to your cake, cake pops, or cupcakes

wafer paper edible BLUE BIRDS to use for cake decorating, cookie decorating, or cupcake decorating.

wafer paper BLUE BIRDS motifs that have no taste, neutral flavour, safe to eat for young and old, made from edible wafer paper and edible colouring.

Attach the BLUE BIRDS to your cake or cupcake with a dot of edible glue, corn syrup or clear piping gel

See the other colours we offer or request a custom colour order!

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