• $16.00

One half pound of fudge in a cheerful gingerbread man shape.

FUDGE 1/2 lb Homemade Brown Sugar or Chocolate or peanut butter Fudge Christmas gift(23sweets)/candy/sweets/confection/wedding favors/birthday/food gift/old fashioned, half pound of homemade fudge.

GINGERBREAD MAN SHAPED FUDGE PIECE GIFT BOXED FOR THE CHRISTMAS SEASON! Gift box may vary. Half pound of Homemade creamy traditional delectable Brown Sugar or chocolate or peanut butter Fudge. Made to order by 23sweets.com. No preservatives. The best creamy homemade fudge you will ever taste! Made in the traditional stirred method. Your sweet tooth won't be able to resist. We are pretty sure you'll agree that this is the best fudge ever!

Ask about custom wedding/party favour treat bags of fudge. We would be happy to design something special for you.

Additional charges will apply for custom designed tags for your wedding/party favors.

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